Thursday, July 27, 2017

Fact of the Day: Furman vs Georgia

In 1972 the Supreme Court decided on the case of Furman v. Georgia which decided that capital punishment was unconstitutional in its current forms. The ruling didn't last forever as states made changes to satisfy the Eight Amendment. The United States is the only Western nation to still enforce the death penalty. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Photo: 2017 Fireworks

This is Daisy as we went to Abbott Farms to get fireworks. Funny enough there was too much rain around the fourth of July so we never got to use the small amount we got. I figured we could save it for New Years. 

Question: Your First Crush?

I actually had my first crush in elementary school in Kindergarten I believe. Her name was Raine and she remained in our school for a few years before moving off to wherever. She is on the top row at the very far left in this photo, and I'm on the bottom right row just one before the last person on the right. Some people think we don't know these kind of feelings before puberty but they were true feelings for me. Like the rest of my school crushes, I was very shy and never really tried anything. I do find it a little funny that she was Asian, because when you're a kid you often don't understand the concept of race. But I've always had a preference for Asian women, and I even carried that trait when I was little. With a very low population of Asian people in our area (especially in the early 90's), Raine could of very well been the first person of Asian descent I've ever met and I thought she was beautiful.  

Who was your first crush?  

Donald Trump Says Transgender People Can't Serve in the Military

Draft Dodger Don recently confirmed that the U.S. military will no longer allow transgender people to serve in the armed forces in any way, shape, form. While I would not recommend a transgender person to serve in the military (too many homophobic and hateful soldiers in the ranks I'm afraid), I do respect their desire to join the military if they wished to do so. I really do think right-wingers can't sleep at night until they are oppressing another minority group. 

Fact of the Day: Moose Orcas

While it's not common, orca whales have eaten moose who unluckily been swimming at the wrong place at the wrong time.